Welcome to spa d’sante, your day spa for good health and wellness. spa d’sante literally means “the spa for good health”.

We want to help you to achieve good health and overall wellness by providing relaxing and therapeutic massage and spa treatments which help to reduce the adverse effects of stress. Regular massage keeps your body’s cortisol (stress hormones) levels down, improves the function of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, and helps reduce pain associated with headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia, and other pain complaints. ›› Learn More

Spa therapies such as salt glows, mud treatments and hydrotherapies have a long history of enhancing the overall health of the human body.

spa d’sante brings it all together in a nurturing environment, with professionals that care about you, and pricing that makes it possible for everyone to benefit from these wonderful therapies on a regular basis.

We hope to see you soon!

Esther Nail, Owner