Having Pain?


  • 100 Million Americans suffer from chronic pain (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies).
  • 42 Million people (12.7% of all work forces) lost productive time in a two week period due to chronic pain.
  • 74% of people report that their energy level is impacted by chronic pain.
  • 86% of people report an inability to sleep well due to chronic pain.
  • 59% of people report that chronic pain impacts their overall enjoyment of life.
  • 51% of people feel they have little or no control over their chronic pain.


Spa d’sante now offers our new Specialty Massage which is a results-oriented treatment that is specifically directed to resolve chronic conditions that the client presents after a thorough assessment and/or have been diagnosed by a physician.

Our new Our Specialty Massage is an advanced therapeutic service that is highly effective in treating three common pain complaints:


Most headache complaints are tension-type or muscular in nature.

Mid-Back or Scapular Pain

Many clients experience the unpleasant “burning” and/or pain in the mid back or “between” their shoulder blades.

Low Back Pain

One of the most common pain complaints, most cases of low back pain are muscular in nature.

Spa d’Sante has a select number of licensed massage therapist in each location who are qualified to perform our Specialty Massage.

Available only in 1 ½ hours per session.

Price per session is $119

If you’re suffering from stiff muscles and back pain, you may be tempted to try an over-the-counter pain reliever. Pain medicine just masks the pain. It doesn’t solve the problem. Contact us today and ask for our Specialty Massage.

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